Frequently Asked Question

CRB stands for Capt. Richard's Best.

CRB will clean, polish, and protect about 150 motorcycles or 40 cars.

BOMBS Away will clean and polish your rides better than anything else on the market. After, use Capt. Richard's Best to keep your metals from oxidizing more quickly.

Yes! You can use Capt. Richard's Best on the dashboard, dials or any other smooth surface without leaving a smudged oily finish.

Yes! Capt. Richard's Best is great for cleaning mirrors, windows, kitchen appliances, ceramic tile etc. Capt. Richard's All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser is great for just that cleaning and degreasing. Don't forget it is concentrated follow the instructions on the bottle for best results.

Nope, and it will do the opposite. It will clean, polish, and protect your machines.

Bluing on pipes is quite tricky. We recommend using BOMBS Away on your pipes. This product will not harm your machine and will help bring back your pipes original shine. Unfortunately, bluing on pipes sometimes comes right off, or sometimes it takes a lot of patience and time BOMBs Away and good old fashion elbow grease, but sometimes the bluing on pipes will not come off at all.

o way! You can do your inner primary with CRB and it will keep it black without changing the color like other products.

Not exactly, but it will help bead and sheet water for less water spots.

Well our Cherry Bike wash is quick solution to a dirty problem. Spray it, Dry it, Drive it. Our All Purpose Cleaner and degreaser is used for the traditional cleaning of cars, motorcycles etc. It can also be used to clean carpets and interiors.

Yes! CRB is a two step process. Step 1: Cleans the surface with mild cleaning agents that emulsfies, and encapsulates the surface dirt, grease, grime, bird droppings, and water spots. CRB safely removes the debris without harming the surface of your ride. Step 2: Lubricates, and polishes the surface with bonding agents that provide layers of protection that will not cause any damage such as scratches or swirls to your painted surfaces. It cleans and protects at the same time! *** For best reults for a ride that is really dirty, wet the surface you are going to clean with water and then spray CRB.