Detailing Instructions



Simply dampen the applicator cloth, with water, add 2 or 3 sprays of CAPTAIN RICHARDS BEST to the applicator cloth, and move across the area to be cleaned and polished, doing a small area at a time, removing any dirt on the surface.  Before it dries immediately buff with the polishing cloth for a brilliant shine.  Flip the cloth and give it a good buff and you will see the shine emerge.  For best results, keep the polishing cloth dry.



BOMBS AWAY is used like any other metal polish.  First shake well and apply a small amount to a soft cloth.  Then rub over surface to remove oxidation and simply buff to great shine. All though this product is non-abrasive the cloths and even the material you are taking off can cause scratches, so be careful.  NOTE:  Bluing will normally come off pipes, just take your time, and try to use a little pressure and let the product do the work.



The All Purpose Cleaner can be used to clean anything from your bathroom, kitchen, floors, car, motorcycle, carpets, and anything else not harmed by water.  It can also be used as a degreaser, and for making whitewalls white.  A mixture of two parts water and one part CAPTAIN RICHARDS ALL PURPOSE CLEANER will take the toughest stains out, and it also makes a powerful degreaser.



The MICRO FIBER cloth can be used as a polishing cloth or chamois.  When dampened, you can wipe down your bike, even if you have light road dust on it, without scratching or streaking.  Use this 2 step Motorcycle Cleaning Product for ease and shine! Spray the bike and immediately rinse using a strong water stream especially in cracks and crevices.  Dry the bike with a micro fiber.  If your ride is really dirty use a good cloth like the micro fiber over these areas to help loosen bugs, and debris.