Capt.'s Best & AP Combo

  • Capt.'s Best & AP Combo

Capt's Best & AP Combo comes with

  • the Capt. Richard's Best Starter Kit
  • 1 Bottle of Capt. Richard's All Purpose Cleaner.

*** Colors on chamois and micro fiber towels may vary.

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  • $47.95

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Capt. Richard's All Purpose Cleaner

Capt. Richard's All Purpose Cleaner

CAPTAIN RICHARD'S ALL PURPOSE CLEANER AND DEGREASER -  Is the best you can buy. It is a concentrate and makes about 10 quarts of cleaner. This product white walls white as a sheet, degrease your car or bike without spotting aluminum, and does not attract dirt, like products made from animal fats and lye  such as soap. What does it do? Captain Richards All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser rounds..


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Capt. Richard's Best

Capt. Richard's Best

With Capt. Richard's Best there are no more buckets, hoses or sponges.  No more scratches or swirls. To clean polish and protect your investment. Just a showroom ready machine ready to be seen! Product Info: The Captain Richard's Best is so quick and easy to use and that's why you'll LOVE it. With the Captain Richard's Best just apply a small amount to a damp cloth or chamois and rub over the surface to remove the dirt and grime and immediately buff with a cotton cloth to an incredible shine. You never have to wax again. No more picking wax out of the cracks for months.  You can do your car or bike from front to back inside and out on any smooth polishable surface.  You can carry a small amount with you in your glove box or on your motorcycle and always keep your machine looking showroom perfect and beautiful.  No more buckets, hoses or sponges.  No more scratches or swirls. Each bottle is enough to clean 150 motorcycles or 40 automobiles. Never wax again! Deatiling Instrucations: Simply dampen the applicator cloth, with water, add 2 or 3 sprays of CAPTAIN RICHARDS BEST to the applicator cloth, and move across the area to be cleaned and polished, doing a small area at a time, removing any dirt on the surface.  Before it dries immediately buff with the polishing cloth for a brilliant shine.  Flip the cloth and give it a good buff and you will see the shine emerge.  For best results, keep the polishing cloth dry. Note: Capt. Richard's Best does not include the microfiber cloths, travel size bottle or shammies. They are sold  separately or you can purchase the starter kit where they are included. ..