Cherry Bike Wash Case of 12

  • Cherry Bike Wash Case of 12

Qty: 12

CAPT. RICHARD'S CHERRY BIKE WASH is a spray on hose off wash for when you want to wash your bike. Ph balanced so it will not stain your aluminum or damage electrical systems, or remove any wanted lubrication from your seals and gaskets.Simply spray it, hose it, dry it, ride it. Simple as that! Biodegradable and Ph balanced with surfactants which reduce surface tension allowing contaminants to be easily washed away. Each bottle will wash your bike approx 15 times.

What Does It Do?

SPRAY IT, DRY IT, RIDE IT! It's as simple as that. Our Cherry Bike Wash will saves you time and brings back the sparkle and shine to your ride.

Detailing Instructions:

The MICRO FIBER cloth can be used as a polishing cloth or chamois.  When dampened, you can wipe down your bike, even if you have light road dust on it, without scratching or streaking.  Use this 2 step Motorcycle Cleaning Product for ease and shine! Spray the bike and immediately rinse using a strong water stream especially in cracks and crevices.  Dry the bike with a micro fiber.  If your ride is really dirty use a good cloth like the micro fiber over these areas to help loosen bugs, and debris.

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Capt. Richard's All Purpose Cleaner

Capt. Richard's All Purpose Cleaner

CAPTAIN RICHARD'S ALL PURPOSE CLEANER AND DEGREASER -  Is the best you can buy. It is a concentrate and makes about 10 quarts of cleaner. This product white walls white as a sheet, degrease your car or bike without spotting aluminum, and does not attract dirt, like products made from animal fats and lye  such as soap. What does it do? Captain Richards All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser rounds out our product line, and truly is an all purpose cleaner. It can be used to do the heavy duty work like washing automobiles, motorcycles, boats, planes, and RVs. Also try using this APC to degrease, clean carpets, tile, grout, automobile interiors, white wall tires, engines, lawn furniture, kitchens, and anything else not harmed by water. Detailing Instruction: The All Purpose Cleaner can be used to clean anything from your bathroom, kitchen, floors, car, motorcycle, carpets, and anything else not harmed by water.  It can also be used as a degreaser, and for making whitewalls white.  A mixture of two parts water and one part CAPTAIN RICHARDS ALL PURPOSE CLEANER will take the toughest stains out, and it also makes a powerful degreaser. ..